America SCORES strives to provide its participants with the highest quality sports-based youth development programming. We evaluate the outcomes of our soccer, creative writing, and service-learning programs to assess the extent to which they positively affect the health, academic achievement, and development of our participants.

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White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity Report

From a Report on Childhood Obesity to President Obama titled Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity Within A Generation:

“America SCORES participants had an increased level of physical activity, increased reporting of feelings of self-confidence, self-efficacy, and enjoyment in learning, increased reporting of reading enjoyment and longer time reading independently, and gains in writing achievement.”

Read the full report here (PDF).  America SCORES mention is on p. 79.

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Findings from Quality Transformation Team (Directed by Rex Greene Ph.D):

Example findings for improvements in language arts and connection to school:

  • 85% of children say that America SCORES makes them enjoy going to school more
  • 77% of children say that America SCORES make them enjoy reading and writing more
  • 77% of parents say that because of America SCORES, their child does his/her homework better
  • 64% of parents say that because of America SCORES, their child enjoys reading and writing more
  • Read more in our Commitment to Impact mini-newsletter.

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From a UCSF Evaluation:

“Participants in America SCORES increased their coordination, improved their fitness and demonstrated impressive decreases in the prevalence of overweight. This type of program is incredibly important for a number of reasons. First, America SCORES aims to promote fitness and, regardless of a person’s weight, fitness predicts health outcomes such as diabetes, stroke, and even death. Second, America SCORES significantly improved aerobic capacity in these children by 21 percent; even small improvements in fitness lead to better health outcomes. Lastly, participation in America SCORES was associated with a reduction in the prevalence of obesity. This is very impressive given that the prevalence of overweight has been increasing (in California, the percent of children at-risk or overweight has increased annually of late). We need more programs like this.”  Click here to view the full findings published in JAMA Pediatrics by the American Medical Association. 

Kristine Madsen, MD, MPH
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics
University of California, San Francisco

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A national evaluation of America SCORES found:

  • There was a significant increase in the physical fitness of participants.
  • The percentage of girls who were classified as overweight or at risk of being overweight decreased significantly after participation.
  • Students significantly improved writing scores.
  • Participants increased their use of adjectives and adverbs, metaphors, similes, and proper writing mechanics.
  • The majority of parents and guardians report that the amount of time their children spent reading increased during their participation in the program.
  • Coaches reported a significant increase in players’ self-confidence.
  • Coaches and parents report that the majority of America SCORES participants made important gains in cooperation, teamwork, and peer relationships.
  • Read more in the full National Evaluation Report.

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According to an evaluation conducted by Community Crime Prevention Associates, in Oakland programs:

  • 95 percent of parents reported that their child is more confident as a result of participation in America SCORES.
  • 95 percent of parents reported that their child has an increased appreciation for
    the benefits of sports and physical fitness as a result of the program.
  • 84 percent of parents reported that America SCORES helps their child to get along with others better.

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