America SCORES Bay Area is proud to be a leading innovator in program curricula, activities, and initiatives.  Featured here are some of our most exciting projects.


The Book Zone
In 2011, America SCORES Bay Area kicked-off a field-side library program called The Book Zone to help improve childhood literacy in the Bay Area. Researchers have found that the number of books in the home strongly predicts future academic achievement — even after controlling for the parents’ education levels and income.  America SCORES is in the unique position to leverage the excitement around the soccer field to help students access books and become life-long readers.

The original goal of The Book Zone was to provide each America SCORES student with 10 books that they could take home, keep, or trade back in for more books from The Book ZoneAmerica SCORES Bay Area has grown the initiative to distribute 10-20 books to each participating child for free to help build their home libraries.

To read more about The Book Zone and how America SCORES Bay Area is addressing the challenges of childhood literacy rates, read the blog post from Executive Director, Colin Schmidt.

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The Legend of the Golden Boot & Story-Based Learning
Zoomba (pictured above) is the star of The Legend of the Golden Boot, an America SCORES Bay Area original curriculum that uses story-based learning to engage 1st and 2nd grade Jr. SCORES students in educational activities.  Throughout the program, Jr. SCORES students must work together to help Zoomba and the other animals through a series of plot twists and challenges.

Story-Based Learning
Story-based learning is an exciting new pedagogy that uses a narrative to engage students in educational activities. To develop the program, America SCORES Bay Area worked closely with Suzanne Popkin, Ph.D, a literature professor at Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley, and founder of Bookboing, a company that develops educational, interactive, story-based software.  The narrative of The Golden Boot helps students approach their after-school time as anything but “more school,” while providing motivation to complete academic assignments.

To read more about The Legend of the Golden Boot and story-based learning, read the blog post from past Education Director, Marty Mannion.


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