Founded in 2000, America SCORES Chicago has brought its unique soccer, creative writing, and community building after-school program to more than ten Chicago Public Schools and more than 3,000 students. ¬†With CPS’s recent move to requiring schools to provide at least 20 minutes of recess per school day, America SCORES Chicago has made strides to provide schools with the tools they need to turn recess into an active, engaging, inclusive space through age-appropriate team building games.

The Play With Potential curricula includes:

  • A guide to setting up a safe space
  • Nearly 100 pages of quick-reference activities
  • Age specific (K-4 and 5-8) and space specific activities (Outdoor, Gym, Classroom)

America SCORES Chicago also offers three levels of support for schools:

  • Training and Curricula,
  • Supervision and Training,
  • or Full Facilitation
For more information about recess programming, contact Brian Bullington at (312) 666-0496 or at [email protected]

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