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In many ways I’m amazing

On stages I’m hot, I’m blazing

On any occasion, I shock you

I’m tazing with poetry

I’m in it for real, I’m in it for skill

My parents fed me with it, put it in my bottle Infamil

My rhyme cries of infancy , the melody of my history

Sisters sing with me

I represent for my ancestors singin songs in the cotton field

I represent for Aaliyah; I’m one in a million

I am Emmit Till

You get it, I’m crazy with it

When I spit it like Key and Peele

I’m the real deal, Lonye not Holyfield

When I’m performin I’m bringin the heat

like George Foreman grills

I got lyrical miracles, I got lyrical miracles

More than Joel Osteen does spirituals

I know proper preparation prevents poor performance

So I’m performin my powerful piece of poetry

When I pull apart my pens and pick-pocket my ink pen

start writing some excitement again.

I’m a popular people person practicing poetry with purpose

I go for my goals like Gabby Douglas cuz it’s worth it

In any show, show; I can go, go bananas

When I flow, flow even Nestle

No- I’m quicker than Cocoa

I’m a Legacy Scholar

From the west side, the best side of Chicago

Holler if you know so


By Lonye, 5th grade

Legacy Charter School


Put the Guns Down

Put the guns down

You only get one life

Don’t you want to grow up to

have a car, a house and maybe a wife?

Put the guns down

Doesn’t it make you angry when kids get shot?

We deserve to play outside and be safe

Whether the weather is cold or hot

Put the guns down

It starts at home with how we’re taught

Revenge is not the answer

It shouldn’t even be in our thoughts

Put the guns down

This nightmare has got to stop

I shouldn’t feel afraid inside of my house

Because of gangbangers outside on my block

Put the guns down

Other countries can do it

So why can’t we?

I’m sick of seeing more people killed by guns

Every time I turn on the TV

Put the guns down

If not today then when?

People keep dying our Mom’s are crying

Again, and again and again

Please- Put the guns down


By Jayden, 5th grade

Rosarios Castellanos School


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