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Dallas Poet-Athletes learn to express themselves through the power of poetry.

Dallas Poet-Athletes participate in over 4.5 hours of exercise and health education each week of the program

America SCORES Dallas partners with various Dallas organizations and companies, including FC Dallas!

America SCORES Dallas

The White House Report


CaptureAmerica SCORES participants had an increased level of physical activity, increased reporting of feelings of self-confidence, self-efficacy, and
enjoyment in learning, increased reporting of reading enjoyment and longer time reading independently, and gains in writing achievement.”


White House Report on Childhood Obesity


Teaching kids to write is equivalent to teaching kids to think; giving kids the tools to write is giving them the resources to be successful in life. Combining all of this with soccer is like putting peanut butter with chocolate. I am surprised every public school hasn’t adopted an America SCORES program.

Stephen King, Author

Every boy and girl who has kicked a soccer ball, created a poem, and helped out with a community project through America SCORES has had a chance to learn lessons that reach far beyond these activities. Lessons like how to express themselves, how to recognize their innate worth, and how to develop the faith that they can make a positive difference in this world.

-James Earl Jones, Actor

America SCORES Dallas is the only youth development program that addresses high obesity and illiteracy rates in Dallas while cultivating the next generation of leaders in urban elementary schools through the combination of soccer, poetry, and service learning.

The Need

Fighting the toughest problems that face our nation’s kids today:

  • More than 14 million children are left unsupervised every day after school.
  • 1 in 3 kids in the US is overweight or at risk of obesity.
  • 1 in 3 fourth-grade students across the nation reads below grade level.
  • Students who spend no time in extracurricular activities are 49% more likely to use drugs and 37% more likely to become teen parents than those who do.
  • Youth who volunteer just one hour a week are 50% less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol or engage in destructive behavior.

Organization Overview

America SCORES, founded in 1994, is a national youth development organization that uses soccer, poetry and service learning to transform the lives of inner-city children. Serving approximately 7,500 children annually in more than 140 public schools in 15 cities nationwide, America SCORES provides after-school programming during the hours when children are most vulnerable.

The Mission

Using teamwork as a unifying value, America SCORES’ mission is to inspire youth to lead healthy lives, succeed academically, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. Participants show significantly improved physical fitness, higher school attendance rates, and increased self-confidence after just one season in the program.

Getting It Done

America SCORES has been recognized for excellence by the National Education Association, Reading is Fundamental, Charity Navigator, the Centers for Disease Control, and received the 2008 Coming Up Taller Award from the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.  In May 2012, thirty-four America SCORES students traveled to The White House to participate in a Let’s Move Soccer Clinic with First Lady Michelle Obama and the MLS Champion LA Galaxy.

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