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Washington, DC 20005
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(202) 393-6999
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Bethany Rubin Henderson x305
Executive Director 

Katrina Owens x304
Chief of Staff

Josh Freedholm x310
Community Engagement Director

Sean Hinkle x301
Chief Program Officer

Chris Hudler
Soccer Program Manager

Breelle Hunter x309
Soccer Coordinator

Greg James x319
Athletic Director

Rachel Klepper x314
Director of Content & Learning

Jake Lloyd x313
Communications Manager 

Greta Poku-Adjei x300
Operations Coordinator 

Mira Smith x312
Writing Coordinator

Will Sutton 
Program Manager

Jessica Trevelyan x303
Grants Manager 

Libby Watkins x306
Director of Monitoring & Evaluation 

Travis Worra x309
Soccer Coordinator


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