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DC SCORES enrolls 2,200 students between the ages of eight and 15. Our program engages fall-17-mapapproximately 30 students each day at 55 school- and recreation center-based sites in all eight of the District of Columbia’s wards.

Spring 2017 Sites (year programming began)

Map of schools and field locations

Ward 1 (year programming began)
Bancroft Elementary School (1999)
Cardozo Education Campus (2010)
Cesar Chavez Public Charter Middle School for Public Policy – Chavez Prep (2012)*
Lincoln Middle School (2007)
Harrison Recreation Center — Elementary (2015)*
Harrison Recreation Center — Middle (2015)*
H.D. Cooke Elementary School (2005)*
Marie Reed Elementary School (1994)
Parkview Recreation Center — Elementary (2015)*
Parkview Recreation Center — Middle (2015)*
Tubman Elementary School (2001)

Ward 2
KIPP DC: WILL Academy (2012)*
Seaton Elementary School (2012)*
Thomson Elementary School (2007)

Ward 3
Hearst Recreation Center (2016)

Ward 4
Barnard Elementary School (2013)*
Brightwood Education Campus — Elementary (2002)
Brightwood Education Campus — Middle (2014)*
Capital City Public Charter School — Elementary (2012)*
Capital City Public Charter School — Middle (2012)*
Imagine Hope Community Charter School — Lamond Campus (2016)
LaSalle-Backus Education Campus — Elementary (2014)*
LaSalle-Backus Education Campus — Middle (2017)*
MacFarland Middle School (2007)
Powell Elementary School (2012)*
Raymond Education Campus — Elementary (2007)
Raymond Education Campus — Middle (2014)*
Truesdell Education Campus — Elementary (2000)
Truesdell Education Campus — Middle (2014)
Upshur Recreation Center (2016)

Ward 5
Imagine Hope Community Charter School — Tolson Campus (2013)*
Taft Recreation Center (2015)*
Turkey Thicket Recreation Center — Elementary (2015)*
Turkey Thicket Recreation Center — Middle (2015)*

Ward 6
Amidon Elementary School (2015)*
Jefferson Middle School (2012)*
Miner Elementary School (2013)*
Payne Elementary School (2015)*

Ward 7
Aiton Elementary School (1999)
Anne Beers Elementary School (1994)
Burrville Elementary School (2000)
Deanwood Recreation Center (2016)
Hillcrest Recreation Center (2016)
J.C. Nalle Elementary School (2012)*
Kelly Miller Middle School (2004)
KIPP DC: QUEST Academy (2014)*
Thomas Elementary School (2014)

Ward 8
Barry Farm Recreation Center (2015)*
Hart Middle School (2012)
Leckie Elementary School (2013)*
Leckie Middle School (2016)*
Orr Elementary School (2012)*
Turner Elementary School (2016)
Washington School for Girls (2015)*

*Denotes schools that participate through a Soccer for Success Social Innovation Fund (SIF) Sub-Grant awarded by the U.S. Soccer Foundation to DC SCORES.

Non-DC SCORES schools/teams that participate in DC SCORES’ City Soccer and Middle School Leagues:
Benning Park Community Center 
D.C. Scholars Public Charter School
D.C. International School
E.L. Haynes Public Charter School
Ferebee-Hope Recreation Center
Friendship Public Charter School
Hamilton Recreation Center
Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science
Kalorama Recreation Center
Paul Public Charter School
San Miguel School
SEED School of DC

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