America SCORES Denver was founded in 1999 in response to a need. After-school programs in the Denver Public School District were limited, especially at the elementary school level; young boys and girls were hanging around after school being lured by the temptation of gangs, drugs, sex and violence. America SCORES Denver has created a safe space where students, teachers, parents and community members interact positively with one another, and where students learn self-expression, communication, teamwork, and leadership with their schoolmates.

As our program has grown, we have found that we have a much larger role to play in improving the conditions of our public schools. For many of the children we serve, we are the only providers of after-school care and one of the only sports programs available to them. This is because we work in largely disadvantaged communities where school budgets have been cut and sports and art programs, for the most part, have been eliminated.

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