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Yellow to Light Up My World by David Grossmann $500
David Grossmann – Yellow to Light Up My World

10″x 8″ Oil on linen panel


I am the color yellow
To light up my world
I am a soccer player
Because that’s what makes myself
I am Friday
To play a soccer game
-Gonzalo L., Grade 3


Ken Elliott Candy Green Landscape pastel (1) $850
Ken Elliot – Candy Green Landscape

20″ x 20″ pastel


The leaves are as green
as the grass can be
Smells like candy
right out of the package
Makes you feel happier than ever
All in a bunch getting ready to sprout
-Aracelly D., Grade 4


Falling from Up by Hakan Carheden $100
Hakan Carheden – Falling From Up

32″ x 12″ mixed media


I wish I had leaves
I remember I fell from up
I wish I was still alive
I remember I dried up and died
I wish I could’ve reached the heavens
I remember I’m’ just an ordinary branch
-Kevin, A., 5th grade


David Griffin – Sunflower Mandala

20″ x 20″acrylic on canvas


The sunflower is as elegant as the big bright sun
It has thirty-six long beautiful sunflowered petals
The middle of the sunflower is a spiky as my brother’s hair
When he puts gel on it
The stems are as long as the giraffe’s legs
The sunflower stands in the grass
And acts and looks elegant, beautiful, marvelous, and pretty
A sunflower means a lot to people
Even me
Sunflowers are my favorite flower
My last name is Flores
And it stands for flowers
-Jimena F., 5th grade


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