Poetry SLAM!


2015 Regional Poetry SLAM!

November 12, 2015 at West High School


All 8 America SCORES Denver elementary schools came together at West High School with over 500 families, coaches and community members in attendance to perform their original works of poetry.


A big THANK YOU to Starbucks Coffee Company for providing volunteers and complementary coffee & hot chocolate for our guests!


                     Bad Candy/Dulces Malos                                                     04DBB94D-68AD-4772-845A-5B247A6B697B

Do you know why you shouldn’t eat junk food?

¿Sabes porque no comer tanto dulces?

Too much candy will give you a stomachache,

Like a tornado destroying your house.

Muchos dulces te puede dolor de estomogo,

Como un tornado destroiendo tu casa.

It will rob your energy right from your body.

Te ya robar tu energia de tu cuerpo.

Your teeth will fall out one by one.

Todos tus dientes se caeran uno por uno.

Here comes the junk food now.

Aqui viene los dulces malos ahora.

    – Sunita J. & Destiny E., Grades 4 & 5

       CMS Elementary



My friends are funny as a monkey.

My friends are like my sisters.

My friends are beautiful.

My friends are sweet as a flower.

My friends are like a butterfly.

My friends are close as family.

                                                                                           – Monserrat B., Grade 5

                                               Barnum Elementary


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