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Our unique after school program currently serves public elementary school students in the Seattle area. It consists of soccer practices and game days with other schools, poetry workshops and Poetry Slam events,  and community service projects.

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America SCORES Seattle organizes soccer practices, game days and soccer events in our public schools. We provide elementary school teachers with extensive curricula and the training to coach soccer and mentor our Poet-Athletes. Made possible by your generous donations, we provide our students with adidas soccer equipment, fields and a safe place to play after school.

“Kids deserve somebody to believe in them and to give them the support they need, to let them know that they can be successful. With a little bit of help, kids can do great things. This is why I support SCORES. SCORES gives kids the opportunity to achieve goals– goals in the classroom and goals on the soccer field.”Women’s National Soccer Team, Brandi Chastain


SCORES Poet-Athletes participate in poetry classes that promote creative thinking and performance skills while showing that writing can be fun. Made possible by your generous donations, we provide our students with writing materials, instruction by certificated teachers and the opportunity to perform their original works.


“Teaching kids to write is equivalent to teaching kids to think; giving kids the tools to write is giving them the resources to be successful in life. Combining all of this with soccer is like putting peanut butter with chocolate. I am surprised every public school hasn’t adopted a SCORES program.” -Author Stephen King

For questions or more information, contact Heather Christianson, Program Director, or call (206) 988-1000.

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