Student Work

My Community

We’re all connected. You and me
If we plant a flower; It’s beauty you would see.
If you help a neighbor how grateful they would be.
Let’s all do our part
Right from the start
So we can all say out loud
Our community makes us proud
We’re all connected, you and me
We can make a difference in our community.

By Keyah
Age 10

I Need

I need to hold on to the fence
So I won’t fall
I need to hold on to my friends
So they won’t fall
I need to hold on to my family
So they won’t fall
I need to hold on as strongly
as I can
I won’t fall

By Juan S.
Age 9
Roxhill Elementary

City Of Rain

I am from a city of rain and sun
I like the rain so that I can
stay inside.

I am from a neighborhood
of quietness and sweetness.
I enjoy the quietness so I can
read in peace.

I am from a house full of family
to play games with and
Express myself to.

I am in a room covered in
white and blue
I am from a pillow and blanket
that I lie upon.
To a bed where I have my
dreams on

By Jamaiya M.
Age 9
Emerson Elementary

The Queen
She wears a hat
That’s where I’m at
Ribbons and feathers
Trail behind
Like my subjects
In my mind
My hat is tall
Like a shadow
On the wall
In my hat
That’s all

By Angelica Z.
Age 9
Emerson Elementary

My Cousin Billy

There is a person in my family who I really look up to.
He works at Boeing and he is very jolly.
His name is Billy.
He’s a very nice guy.
When he sees a toy I like he buys it for me.
Occasionally he will see things from Boeing and takes them home for me
Once he brought home a toy they said I could keep.
When he’s at home he finds out many things about planes
And I get to help him
I get to see things I’ve never seen in my life.
It is awesome working with my big cousin.
I think he’s the best cousin a boy could have.
I have what others might have dreamed about.

Raymond T.
5th Grade
Maple Elementary

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