Program Events

Fall Frenzy

Fall Frenzy is our annual kick-off event. Our poet-athletes get their first chance of the season to slam original poems to one another. Then they participate in a round-robin soccer tournament while being introduced to the coaches, parents, and players of the other teams. A great event for America SCORES Seattle.


At Jamboree our Poet-Athletes participate in a round-robin soccer tournament with all of our SCORES schools. The event is also a celebration of service learning. Each boys and girls SCORES team will have completed a season long community service project. Family and friends are then invited to hear our students make presentations about their projects and show off photos and original writing on their project display boards.

Poetry Slams

Our fall writing and literacy curricula culminate in the Community Poetry Slams. Each team gets a chance to step onstage and perform their group and individual poems under lights. A live band and guest performances round out these special evenings. Our celebrity judges give constructive feedback to the teams and each poet-athlete leaves with an experience that few kids their age get to take part in. We could never pull it off without the hard work and support of our students, staff, coaches, families, volunteers, and sponsors.

College Kicks

College Kicks introduces our students to the opportunities for higher education in their community! College Kicks is our annual event where SCORES coaches, students and families visit a local college campus and participate in a series of soccer drills led by collegiate student-athletes. Our Poet-Athletes also participate in a Q&A session about attending college with a panel of students.

Game Days

Every Friday during the Fall and Spring seasons our teams jump on the bus to meet another school for a soccer match which includes a pre-game cheer and a poetry slam. After the game the coaches award Gold Cards to the players; they encompass the SCORES’ core values (Commitment, Leadership, Sportsmanship, and Teamwork).

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