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America SCORES St. Louis inspires urban youth to lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. America SCORES St. Louis accomplishes this through an innovative model that combines poetry, soccer, and service-learning year-round.

Our holistic after-school program helps students foster physical health, self-expression, and a sense of community through service projects while developing closer bonds with teachers and peers.

Julie Kennedy, a former teacher in Washington, DC, invented this complementary combination of activities in 1994 when she worked with a group of 15 girls with little to do after school. The team-centered relationships built on the soccer field translated into poetry workshops, and the development of teamwork and leadership prepared students to act asĀ agents of change in their communities through service-learning projects.

America SCORES
The program quickly expanded throughout the DC area, and in 1999, Kennedy began sites in Boston and Chicago, thus creating America SCORES, headquarters to 14 programs across the United States and Canada.


currently serves over 8,000 students in school districts with low-income, minority communities: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Vancouver, Washington D.C., and Vancouver, Canada.

Today, America SCORES serves over 600 students, grades 1-12, through partnerships with nine K-8 Cleveland Metropolitan schools across the city, summer collaborations, and a high school alumni program.

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