Student Poetry


Today my name is smile. I feel silly, and I want to laugh. I pretend that everything is fun all around. I even make fun all around. I even make shadows turn into light and shine.

Yesterday my name was hate. I cried ever since my father died. What made it worse was my mother sobbed when my grandmother died and couldn’t make it. I was ashamed that I cried in front of my classmates. My pain is worse.

Tomorrow my name will be forgotten. I will forget everything and everyone will forget me. I will remember nothing and I will be forgotten.

Javion Finney (6th Grade)*



I feel my heart pounding with feelings. I pretend I’m in heaven dreaming not only that love is screaming for me because the way I’m feeling, love is powerful and strong. I depend on love like the clouds above. Love means a lot like the heat off of fire and you know what love is. Love is what we need and what we deserve. Love is like a strong current in the water of the ocean love love love. Love is the color of blood red like the heat. I bleed love in every breath and sometimes love gets taken away.

Gerrett W. (6th Grade)


Today My Name Is…

Hi! Today my name is headache. I feel mad and sad. I pretended that someone hit me. Yesterday my name was joyful. I heard that I got a 100% on my test. I found my headphones and I was happy. Tomorrow, my name will be sleepy and I will forget about the people that said mean things about me. I will remember the good times that I had. My real name will always be Azaria Ann and my nickname will always be Zowie. I like to play basketball for fun and I like to swing and have fun.

Azaria I. (5th Grade)


Ingredients to Make a Dark Chocolate Girl

Here are the Ingredients to make a young dark chocolate girl special. First, what you want to do is add a pinch of anger, added in 3 tablespoons of hope. Once you do that, stir in 12 gallons of love. Now, add a cup of appreciation. Once you do that, mix it all together. Then, add a dash of faith, 3 ounces of respect, and a pinch of kindness. Now, add one pinch of hot sauce. Why hot sauce you ask? Because I’m feisty.

This is the recipe for a dark chocolate girl.

Zoey C. (6th Grade)


*chosen to perform at the 10th Annual National Poetry SLAM! in New York City

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