Who We Are

who we are

 What We Do:

America SCORES St. Louis is a non-profit youth development program which uses a national, evidence-based model to help youth improve their minds, bodies, and communities:

  • Improving Minds…

…through creative writing and the performance of poetry. Youth engage in a literacy curriculum, create original poems, and demonstrate their leadership and reading skills by performing for their community at the annual Poetry SLAM.

  • Improving Bodies…

…through weekly soccer practices and nutrition education. Youth engage in a health curriculum which teaches nutrition and fitness, and weekly soccer games which showcase their teamwork to their schools and community.

  • Improving Communities…

…by implementing youth-driven service learning projects in SCORES schools and neighborhoods. Through creating community change, youth foster their sense of civic responsibility, and are more motivated to attend school.

How We Do It:

  1. America SCORES St. Louis partners with urban public schools and provides teachers with the necessary tools to be effective poetry and soccer coaches.
  2. Boys and girls teams are created in participating schools, and each team is paired with a writing and soccer coach that work together to teach students skills on and off the field during after-school hours.
  3. SCORES utilizes curricula aligned with national education standards to engage youth in literacy, health, soccer, and service-learning.
  4. Events such as game days, poetry slams, and service activities unite our community around SCORES youth.

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