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Corporate Service Days

Translate the values of your company into your impact in the community

Looking for a unique and fun way to strengthen communication and rapport among your team? Through SCORES at Work: Corporate Service Days, America SCORES provides the opportunity for employees to unite around the company values and translate those values in to community service projects in your neighborhood or across the country. Working side by side America SCORES poet-athletes, your employees will execute their project and help make the world a better place.



Case studies:

Ernst & Young employees volunteered during the firm’s annual Connect Service Day at America Scores New York, held at PS 325, one of America Scores New York’s partner schools in West Harlem. Ernst & Young volunteers read to students, planted a tree in the school’s garden, created and painted welcome signs to the school and set up the fields our weekly America Scores New York gameday

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  • America SCORES Dallas adidas Action Day     View / Download


“Best Place to Work” Week



  • To unite Thomson Reuters employees with service and teambuilding activities
  • To serve Thomson Reuters’ community in New York


  • Day 1: Thomson Reuters employees participated in poetry, teambuilding and service-learning activities, showcasing their creativity, teamwork and energy
  • Day 2: The group traveled to West Harlem’s PS 325/192, where they revitalized a forgotten school yard by painting mini-soccer fields and a four-square grid.
  • At the end of the project, the group met with principals and students, and then celebrated their success and hard work at a Happy Hour at Londell’s Supper Club, just a few blocks away.


‘Make the World a Better Place’


  • Engage adidas employees around the country
  • Launch a project that makes a difference in the community
  • Share the project internally and externally
  • Support the adidas ‘Make the World a Better Place’ marketing campaign


  • adidas challenged our students in 3 cities to submit an idea for how they would ‘Make the World a Better Place’ with $5,000
  • 3 winning schools spent the spring season developing the project
  • adidas employees from that city worked with our kids to execute the project on one given day
  • Projects were filmed and cut into 90-second videos
  • On the field at 3 MLS stadiums, adidas presented awards to our children as their videos player on the jumbotron


Impact Day – ‘Sharing Fields, Building Fields’



  • To engage Chicago employees in Deloitte’s annual nation-wide Impact Day
  • To inspire and educate students on real-world professional skills
  • To learn about and visit Deloitte’s community


  • 20 Deloitte volunteers measured and painted a brand new soccer field at Chalmers Elementary
  • Meanwhile, students from Chalmers spent the day at Deloitte’s office with a one-on-one mentor from Deloitte to learn business letter writing, thank you letter writing, social and business interaction training, how to make a first impression, and public speaking.

“Field Day”


  • To unite Thomson Reuters employees with leadership activities
  • To engage Thomson Reuters’ community in San Francisco and provide “Field Days” for America SCORES students


  • Day 1: America SCORES Bay Area conducted leadership training at Thomson Reuters offices with 20 team captains.
  • Day 2: America SCORES and Thomson Reuters co-hosted “Field Day” events at three different public school locations, which included over 40 employees and over 200 SCORES students. The field days involved fun games and activities and a “Headlines and Captions” station where students selected an image from the Thomson Reuters calendars and created a headline or caption to share with their groups.
  • Thomson Reuters and America SCORES staff finished the event with a well-attended Happy Hour event.

Through the eyes of Thomson Reuters’ contacts – David Eddy, Shep Maher, and Mike Edelstein:

“We had an incredible afternoon yesterday with over 200 kids at three inner city schools in San Francisco thanks to the incredible program that SCORES is running and to the strong organizational effort of Mike Edelstein and Shep Maher. We had SF staff involved from all parts of Thomson Reuters Markets and everyone came away feeling as though the experience was truly transforming. We plan on scheduling regular volunteer days with SCORES (probably on a quarterly basis) so that we can build on this great experience. I can’t imagine a better way to wrap up ‘Best Place To Work Week’.
Thank you for providing direction, organizational support and the financial backing that these programs require.” – David Eddy


“Day of Service”


  • To learn about Thomson Reuters’ community in New England
  • To engage and unite Thomson Reuters employees with a day of service


  • America SCORES New England hosted a series of soccer games among 8 intergenerational teams, which consisted of elementary and middle school students from East Boston and Thomson Reuters folks.
  • Thomson Reuters provided an exquisite tailgate of make-it-yourself chicken fajitas and beverages, home-cooked by a Thomson Reuters employee who has her own catering business. One student commented, “This is fine Mexican cuisine!”
  • Thomson Reuters and SCORES staff finished the day with a Happy Hour at Café 303, where we held a drawing for a SCORES Cup jersey. Staff from both offices were excited to have an event like this again!

From the Human Resources Director, “I have never seen our employees so engaged!”

A unique way to help your employees identify the core values of your company and execute a community project that brings those values to life. America SCORES staff will help you along the way; here’s how:

  • Step 1: Your employees engage in interactive sport and literary team-building activities
  • Step 2: These activities help your team to identify the core values of your organization
  • Step 3: Our trained staff then helps brainstorm how these values can translate into a community project
  • Step 4: On a given day, your employees and our kids work together to complete the community project