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To learn more about how our programs implement holistic approach to healthy eating, check out America Scores Health Curriculum.

Recent studies, including a study published in the Journal of Child Health Care and a joint study by DC SCORES and Symphonic Strategies demonstrates the effectiveness of America SCORES in fighting the childhood obesity epidemic through soccer.

As a leader in the fight against childhood obesity, we keep up-to-date on the latest trends and research in the field. Scroll down for links to statistics on childhood obesity and resources for families.

In addition to innovative poetry and service-learning lessons, America SCORES brings its unique soccer, physical activity, and health curriculum to children in 15 cities nationwide. America SCORES’ focus on urban populations is especially important when one considers that in these areas, 1 in 3 children is considered overweight or obese. Thanks to our well-rounded soccer, health, and nutrition curriculum, children in the America SCORES program increase their levels of physical fitness and are learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices. As their fitness levels improve, our students are able to run farther, are less likely to be overweight or obese, and show decreased waist circumference and body mass index (BMI).


Childhood Obesity Facts & Reports:

Center for Disease Control Website- Childhood Obesity

Trends & Statistics from the CDC

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Childhood Obesity Resource Center

Report: Learning Connection: The Importance of Improving Nutrition and Physical Activity in Our Schools


Resources for Families:

Action for Healthy Kids

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Food Pyramid for Kids (CDC)

Partnership for a Healthier America

Let’s Move

Let’s Read Let’s Move


Statistics by Region:

State by State Findings (CDC)

Health Findings by County (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)