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America SCORES students write over 20,000 poems every school year. Below is a selection of outstanding works by our poet-athletes who were chosen to perform at the National Poetry SLAM!. More poetry from kids around the country can be found in Kicker! the for-kids, by-kids magazine of America SCORES. Check it out here.

Powerful Me by Anya S.
St. Louis

I, am a beautiful, black girl
I, am my mother, in a whole new world
I, am hope and dreams, waiting to come true
I, am powerful, just like you
I, am a beautiful flower
One day, I will have lots of power
I, am self-esteem, taller than me
I, am potential, waiting to be free
I understand ME
I, am a superwoman, high as can be
I, am strong and mighty, just like powerful me
Powerful me
Powerful me
I, am queen sitting on a powerful throne
With a great education, I can make anywhere my home
Powerful me
Powerful me
I, can be whatever I want to be
I, understand me
I, have the power, to Be!

Soccer by William M.

Played on a big field
Running back and forth through the grass
From daylight to sunset
We fight…first class
So we won’t be last
Pass the ball left then right
As we defend our goal
Letting the wildcat go through our soul
Like a battle we defend
And fight for our victory
Representing our school…our history
There’s no losing, Just winning
Keeping the ball on our side
As they try & try, We won’t let them get by
The sun slowly goes down and
The wind starts to blow
Move our feet and keep the flow
Kick the ball towards the goal and score!
Now their turn
They trip, they fall, filled with pain and sorrow
We win but we’ll see our opponents tomorrow
We cheer for our victory
our claim to fame.

My Dream by Karter H.

My dream is to be overlord supreme.
Strong and dependable, I could make you a good friend you know.
My dream is to be a singer that’s famous and rich, with a very nice pitch.
My dream is to be a dentist, so I can keep people’s teeth sturdy not dirty.
My dream is to be a vet; I would love to help a pet.
My dream is to be a very good cook, with my very own book.
My dream is to be the world’s most famous actress on the planet.
Also to have the world’s most rarest magnet.
My dream is to be saluted by the President of the United States.
My dream is to live in Los Angeles California, be an actress and make it big.
I can see it now, the paper headlines: 10 year old girl makes it as a big time singer
and actress.
My dream is to be me and that’s my ultimate dream.

Angry Andres by Andres F.

Angry Andres is always angry
Angry Andres awakens from his nap
And smashes the alarm because the sound is so annoying
Angry Andres gets ready to perform in the auditorium
for the Annual America SCORES Poetry Slam
Angry Andres acts out his Alliteration poem
and attempts to appease the crowd
The audience is amazed and applauses
Angry Andres’ anger starts slipping away
The judges are amused with the professional guy
Angry Andres anticipates an award from the judges
The judges award Angry Andres a first place trophy
At the end, Angry Andres gets his trophy and says,
“Now you can call me, Awesome Andres.”

Am I an Animal? by Juvanni P.

Am I an animal?
No. I’m a human.

Am I a cat going meow?
No. I’m a human speaking right now.

Am I a bird soaring up high?
No. I’m a human walking down on the ground.

Am I a snake with no arms to grab stuff?
No. I’m a human with arms to grab a tiny puff.

Am I a bear sleeping in the dark?
No. I’m a human waking up in the light.

Am I a wolf hunting to feed?
No. I’m a human buying food at Jolly Bee.

Am I a fish swimming for survival?
No. I’m a human running at the carnival.

Am I an animal?
No. I’m a human.

A Fighter by Diane C.
Bay Area

I am a girl.
Hear me roar!!
I am the type of girl
Who fights for peace
And tries her best to stop the wars between friends.
I am a real fighter.
I am the type of girl
who says okay,
I messed up,
Now I know
What I should do next.
I am the type of girl
Who never says die.
I might not be tough
But I still try my best,
Like my dad fighting for his life.
I am the type of girl
Who is hard to defeat
The way a rock is
Hard to break.
I am the type of girl
Who has a heart
As big as a rainbow of fantastic colors.
I am the type of girl
Who won’t ever give up
Like my Dad
Who won’t ever give up on me

The Four T’s by Zulma A.

Tim, Tom, Tammy and Teddy are true friends
Tom knows Tim
Tim knows Tammy
Tammy knows Teddy
Tim told Tom to meet him at Taco Bell
Tim had a taste for Tammy’s soft tacos with tons of tomatoes
Tammy wanted to test Teddy to see if she was a true friend
Tammy knows true friends tell the truth
So Teddy went and tested Tammy’s tacos
Teddy tried Tammy’s Tacos and said, “Tremendous!”
Tim then invited Tom, Tammy and Teddy over to sit and talk tacos.
They talked, and talked, and talked.
Tim, Tom, Tammy, and Teddy became trusted owners of
the best tremendous, tantalizing, tasty, tacos restaurant in Texas.

Merengue by Diana G.

When you dance Merengue,
Move your body right next to mine
Feel the beat growing inside of you.
Shake and move your hips side to side
Spin and twirl like a dreidel on Hanukah
Move your legs like they’re inside a tornado.
Feel the music shaking you!
Let the beat pound your heart and hips!
Let your partner hold you, and carry you
But make sure to let him spin you
In the air like a propeller on a helicopter.
Always when you are dancing Merengue
Make sure to feel like you’re dancing with
Prince Charming from Cinderella.
But in a fast way
And for the last STEP
do a super model pose,
hand on your hip
and look up
with your other hand in the air.

Just Try by Jay J.
New York

Soccer is the best! It puts me to the test!
I’m so good at this game, I should be in the hall of fame!
When I play, people run away, I hear them say I’m afraid to play!
Soccer is off the chain, Sometimes it can be a pain
Like when you get hurt, Or mess up your shirt
But I conquer challenges,
I use my heart!
When you ask about the hard part I won’t be bothered
It won’t really matter because I love soccer!
Jay starts with J and ends with Ayyyyyyyyyy! All day I be like Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
AND I practice reading Until my eyes are bleeding
Now I’m like a shredder Shredding through those words So fast it’s absurd!
I’m reading 200 miles per hour! It’s such a great power! I’m in the highest tower!
I’m reading Wimpy Kid, I am no lie
Don’t ask why, just try!
And you’ll FLY!

Hip Hop Weather by Samari A.

The sun beams around the clouds
Peaking to see if anyone’s paying attention
Am I bright enough to make a difference?
Do you see the sparkle in my eyes?
The rain pours down, hitting the ground like a boombox
Sadly the tears slide down my face
Reaching the pavement
And feeling the bass
Hip hop, tap, and rap
Feelin’ the need to step back
I never know when the weathers gonna to change
But I definitely know Hip Hop’s my name
My voice makes a sunset explode with colors
Red, blue, black and pink
My pen refills with ink
As time goes by, like an hour glass full of sand
The earth just stops with one musical command
Hip hop gives me inspiration to love each note
I write my rhythms and rhymes like a wrinkle in a time
From the west to the east to the north to the south
That’s what hip hop weather is all about

Emotions by Geovani S.

When I was 6 months old,
My mom left us.
Teachers tell me to be confident in my family.
To trust and love them.
To express my feelings and I do this in SCORES
In poetry.
Scores is the key that opened poetry, knowledge and skills inside of me.
Love, passion and poetry grows inside of your heart,
Instead of hate.
Stacking words, building emotional art.
Poetry is the thing I do best.
Poetry lifts my pressures up and blows it away.
Fight back the tears
Evaporates pain and sadness away from me.
Helps me be strong when I’m talking about her.

Otoño by Henry L.
Bay Area


Otoño has llegado
Las hojas caen
Las hojas vuelan
Adonde irán?
Una taza de
Chocolate caliente
Me espera
En casa
Granadas comemos
En el otoño
Otoño te puedo ver
Por la ventana
Otoño no te vayas
Por favor te voy a extrañar


Autumn you have arrived
The leaves fall
Leaves fly
Where will you go?
A cup of
Hot chocolate
Waiting for me
At home
We eat pomegranates
In the autumn
Autumn I can see you
By the window
Autumn don’t you leave
Please, I will miss you

What Happened to Me by Victoria

I need a fresh start and become clean.
Am I falling apart?
Do I have a desperate little heart?
Should I go to heaven?
But I’m not even eleven.
What happened to my dream?
I don’t think it’s bad as it seems.
I just want to start over,
Sitting here gazing at a three leaf clover.
Is it too late?
I think it’s time for me to open up the gate and see all.
The wonderful treasures on the other side,
Oh help me, so I don’t get puffed up with pride.

Video Games by Christian I.

I am the videogame that is
Bloody and gory
I am the videogame that is
Adventurous and hilarious
I am the videogames that
Some parents will not allow your kids to play
I am the videogame that is
Creepy and will give your children nightmares when he is sleeping at night
I am also the videogame that is
From history and mystery
I am the videogame that
Entertains your daughters
(Not all videogames have to be for boys)
I am the videogame that
Stops you from doing stupid things.

Trouble by Jovvany F.

Trouble always chases me.
Today, in school,
Trouble struck again,
Because I ended up in detention.
Suddenly, there was a spelling test and I didn’t study.
So, I got a big fat ZERO!
Later, I went to my friend’s house.
Guess who was there?
That’s right, Trouble!
I couldn’t sleep at night,
Because Trouble pushed me over and I feel from the bed!
I screamed! I HATE YOU, TROUBLE!
“Be quiet up there!” My mother yelled!
And there we go again,
Trouble always chases me.

He’s Gone by Jennifer L.

My dad was great
He was all I had
He was special
Always buying me things I wanted
Always being there when I needed
I love him in a special way
I used to tell him every day
Then the fighting began
My mom cried over and over again
Her heart broke
Also did mine
More and more every time
It’s hopeless
Said my mom
Next morning, everything was gone
Even my dad
I yelled to my mom and looked for him
He never called me ever again
Each night I wish for him

A Diamond by Kastenny C.
Washington DC

I am a diamond, I can shine against the sun
No one can shine like me.
I am strong, beautiful, and unique,
No one on this earth is quite like me!
What makes me smile is when others smile.
But sometimes when I am angry I don’t shine
I am like boiling steam.
My expressions and feeling are my own,
No one is quite like me!
I’ll never hurt such kind
I am as sweet as a plum and
As sour as a lime
I sing, I dance, I sit alone and I play
No one will get me that way
That’s what makes me a diamond.
I am not the same as you, you or you and that’s okay
Cuz there is no one else I’d rather be.
I shine and I never break a promise
And that’s what makes me shine
I AM A DIAMOND in the sky!

The Bad Haircut by Luis G.

Somebody please give me a hat!
My friend cut my hair now it looks like a rat,
is sitting on top where my hair used to be.
What was I thinking?
They’ll all laugh at me!
Somebody, please give me a hat!
I promise that I will give it right back.
Maybe in two weeks, or possibly three…
It should grow out by then.
What if my mom sees?!
What was I thinking?!
Never again will I get a haircut,
from one of my friends!

My Voice by Chazity L.
New York

Once, I lost my voice.
I couldn’t talk to anyone!
Even my best friend, even my family.
I could not do poetry!
I could not stand in front of everyone I know
And express myself.
When I could not get my
Thoughts, feelings, and secrets out,
It felt like worms squiggling and squiggling
In my belly.
I felt so sad
My brain was melting into
hot bubbling sizzling
chicken soup
I felt so mad
My face turned into a
I wanted to yell
But the lump in my throat just went up and down
I was too afraid to speak a word
BUT…then one day
I knew I was strong on the inside
So I found I had my voice back again
So happy I could cry sparkles and diamonds!
I could climb Mount Everest!
I could shoot rainbows out of my mouth!
…Like this poem.

Life by Christian B.
Washington DC

It has a crazy way of explaining itself
It’s not only about the riches and wealth.
It’s a survival in life.
A rollercoaster
That’s one way to explain it.
Every time goes wrong
you can’t have a fit.
Life has ups and downs
You can smile, sometimes frown
You can’t always get your way.
You just have to live by it
Day by day
Even though it hurts
You can’t lose your composure
You have to keep yourself together
And know that you’re not a loser
You’re a soldier

The Test by Libni

The test is coming
The test of life
Don’t stop
Show yourself
A challenge comes
What to do?
Don’t be shy
Be smart.
Will you?
Show yourself!
Silence comes out
like a haunted library
come on, don’t be shy
see that you are ready for the test or die
Show yourself!

Me by Sebastian C.

Happy! (Smiley face)
Thoughtful! (Thinking face)
Kind (arms around a friend )
Fun to play with! (soccer kick)
Entertaining and funny! (silly face)
NEVER… GIVES ….UP! (pulling a rope)
Athletic! (Flip)
Joyful! ( jump with legs apart)
A leader! (Strong stance)
Brave! (Soldier salute)
Strong! (Muscle flex)
This is ME! ….. And THIS is who I am…

I Believe by Nadege J.

I believe that I can do anything in the world.
I believe you can do anything—boy or girl.

I believe you can fly like an eagle that is free.
I believe you can climb the tallest tree.

I believe you can do right when there’s no one there to see.
I believe that my future is all up to me.

I believe somebody can find the answer.
I believe somebody can find a cure for cancer.

I believe you can chase your dreams like you chase a butterfly.
I believe if you try you can reach the sky.

I believe the sky may not be the limit.
I believe you can try to reach the stars and grab the moon.

Superhero by Evan
Los Angeles

My super powers are my actions.
Even I have not discovered them fully.
My words are strong as a thunderbolt,
They can shock a person in many ways.
My acts of kindness are invincible,
They can stop a speeding train.
When people look up to me
I feel like I did something amazing.
When I listen to myself and to others,
It can change the world’s fate.
When I speak my mind,
My voice can be as soft as rain
or as strong as a tsunami.
With my talents, I circle the world
Helping people with their problems,
some that other people create.
Those are my superpowers,
I am glad I have them,
I will not stop trying to improve.

Do You Know Me? by Avante M.
St. Louis

To know me is to guide me
To know me is to help shape my mind
To know me is to trust me, but sometimes trust is hard to find
To know me is to encourage me
To know me is to praise me
To know me is to help me stand strong and teach me to know right from wrong
To know me is to see me
To know me is to just be proud
To know me is to love me
You can scream that out nice and loud
Do you know me?

My Voice and I by Tiarra J.
Los Angeles

My voice is as powerful as the voice of light.
It shines so bright that people are amazed.
It shines like the sun beaming down right at you.
I shine so bright that I inspire
People to be full of courageous thoughts.
My voice is full of imagination and inspiration.
It will cure the sickness in life.
My voice will always be there
To make anyone cheerful
And it will always be there for the world
And for anyone who may feel lonely or sad.
My voice will always remain
In your joyful, happy heart.

When I Grow Up by Zaniyah G.

When I grow up, I’m going to run away
from all the sickness and pain I see each day
Spreading like a disease in my community
Like an angry cough that won’t go away
When I grow up I’m going to run for mayor
(vote Zaniyah if you care)
and lock up all the people who kill.
Spreading sadness and HATE in my community
making innocent hearts, go still.
When I grow up, I’m going to college
so I can help people in need
Spreading hope for a better future
Why follow, when I can take the lead?
When I grow up, I have plans,
to do the best I can.
So if you’re already a grown-up, please stop
and give me a hand.