SCORES Grows up in Canada

February 22, 2017

Still a relatively new organization, Canada SCORES Vancouver has made enormous strides in the last couple of years to give local students the SCORES opportunity. Below, Program Coordinator Susie Bakajic tracks the growth of a new initiative to serve students after they age out of the core program. To learn more about the Canada SCORES program, visit


By: Susie Bakajic
Canada SCORES Vancouver

Now in its fourth year, Canada SCORES Vancouver continues to show growth and success. Currently there are 11 teams in 9 schools serving approximately 200 students. The unique program model of combining soccer, poetry and service learning is drawing lots of attention and acclamation. So much so, in fact, that Canada SCORES Vancouver has expanded to offer the SCORES in Action Program to students in grades 6 and 7.

The SCORES in Action Program serves students that seek to learn how to become leaders in their school and transfer those skills to their communities. The group, comprised mostly of past SCORES elementary school students, meets weekly to participate and discuss topics that encourage students to reflect about themselves, their family, and their local communities.

Two schools have started the SCORES in Action Program this year and will run their sessions up until June. Coaches start off by having students understand the type of leader they currently are through activities and reflection. They then guide the students to identify issues they see in their community while also challenging them to think about the skills they wish to develop during their time in the program.

It is tough in the beginning as many students do not come to the group knowing what skills they possess and which they wish to gain. The coaches find ways to connect the students with different forms of media and experience which opens up the flowing of ideas and thought. They set goals, both for the group and individually, and aim to improve their community by providing a service or event to showcase their focus. On top of the group work they do weekly, some of the students sign up to help out the Canada SCORES Core Program by being Junior Coaches for the grade 4 and 5 students.

With only a few weeks under their belts, the SCORES in Action students have shown lots of positive results to their families, teachers and administration. They are happy to see the students working together, helping each other, encouraging younger students to learn, and being great role models in school. Through word of mouth, we’ve already had our other sites ask us to start the SCORES in Action Program at their schools too. And so the growth continues…


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